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Sunday, June 29, 2008



I Have Move.

Cheers !

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh Roomie.

Good day !

My heart is telling me to upload those pictures now but my Will is weak. And i'm thinking of dumping Blogger away and go for someone new instead, like Wordpress. Chance upon this blog on Wordpress the other day and really like the clean/simple concept.

A few more days to the end of the month of June and say Hello to July. July will be a month of Work-Less, Camps, OC, Nationals and a few more weeks of a true Holiday. Can't believe my 8 months worth of Holiday is coming to an end and it is going to be time for 4 years of University life.
Speaking of that, the problem of finding a Room mate is troubling me deeply. I can't sleep, i can't work, i can't concentrate, i can't eat.. Alright, not really like that. But yes, it just seems like the whole world of my friends (I don't have many friends) ended up in every where else Except NTU, and therefore, poor me has no room mate anymore. Pretty desperate i would say, to the point of thinking of posting a bulletin or advert somewhere.
Some ideas came across my crazy mind, and some go like this:

So You Think You Can Be My Room Mate
The Search For The Next Room Mate

Wow. I did not just come up with this poster.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


L.A Trip - Part XXXVIII

Okay. This is like just Part XXXVIII of the many many PARTS.
I know i know, the photos from the L.A trip are waaay overdue. But at least i am going to upload them !
Now now, the time spent waiting for Blogger to upload my photos are way eating into my Beauty Sleep.
More to come, promise.

Sunday, June 15, 2008



Where is my Letter from NTU.

This waiting period is increasingly annoying, especially as 23rd June draws nearer and nearer.

And it doesn't help that Nothingness has been looming around for the past few weeks. Bumming around during my free time is not exactly therapeutic after all. Perhaps it is really time for me to get down to burning and arranging all the LA photos for the girls. Close to 1500 or even more of photos for me to slowly Burn Baby Burn.
And i have SATC Seasons and also Gossip Girls waiting for me to watch them.

Nothingness. I need to get down to do Something!
Perhaps another Diet programme?
My stint at Event Architects is ending too. Perhaps it is really time to invest in my squash racket aned enter it into my Per-weekly schedule.

Time to burn those 4GB worth of pictures and perhaps log in to Facebook for a peek, or not.
Go away, you Nothingness.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Holiday Holiday :)

Off to the airport in another hour.

Swei, here i come.
L.A, here i come.
Good Time, here i come.

Wheeeee !

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Weather Bitch.

Fine. It is time to complain about the Weather again.

I must say that it have been really really, incredibly WARM right here now in Singapore. Just checked the weather report and today's temperature is reported to be 33°C.
Are they kidding me. It feels as if it is 43°C and every time when you step out into outdoors, the wave of warm sticky humid niam niam hot air just slap right into your face.
The occasional rain pours are not helping either. I feel i can perspire simply just by sitting down by the window.

All i want to do these days is just to hide in an Air-conditioned room, drink my Teh and listen to Yael Naim. Oh, and read and Dilbert's blog.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Crazy World.

This particular article caught my immediate attention when i went to this morning.

This is not only Incest to the maximum. And talk about Claustrophobic. The victim daughter was locked up in the dungeon for 24 years, not 24 days mind you.
And 7 children as a result of rape by her very own father, with 1 dead and burnt in an Oven in the house ?
This world is a crazy place.

The oven that my mum uses every morning to toast my bread can destroy babies.
I never see the oven in my house the same way again.


By the way. The weather is freeaking warm. Like mother father HOT. It is as if the tropical weather in Singapore is not enough. Summer is attacking us as well.
The Globe is warming real bad ! Hope LA will not be as bad when we go over. RAH.


The Cat Knows It All.

"They say curiousity killed the cat. But who said there was a cat? Did you
see that the cat was killed? If you dont find the cat, the cat wont find
you. Then you wouldn't know that, curiousity killed the cat" - J.Tang

Uh Huh. -Nods


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